Student Bloggers needed! How to revise right, and Much More

Have you emerged yet from the post-Easter chocolate coma? Ready to leap back into action? As always, BestCourse4Me helps you get started. But before you get to reading, how about writing?

Student Blogger needed!

At bestCourse4me we know that some of the best advice you can get is from those in the seats just ahead of yours on life’s roller-coaster. For the last two years we've had some wonderful student bloggers writing about their journeys towards their chosen careers. They've provided a reality check through the year as well as guidance through the maze of getting in to uni.

Do you think you've got what it takes to write about your life as a student?

We're looking for bloggers who're currently in Year 12 to write a monthly blog about the process of trying to get a place at uni. If you’d like to share your experiences, take a look at the bloggers’ area on the website to see the sort of pieces we're after.

If you'd like to be considered, get in touch by emailing us at and your name could be up on our website. You'll be rewarded for your time and you'll get some brilliant experience.
This month
What to think about if you're in year 12

It can seem like a pretty long process to find, and then get into the right university for you. Sadly until universities club together and invent some kind of Harry-Potter-style-sorting-hat method of trawling through UCAS applications, we’re stuck with grades, exams and revision.

But this is something you've got control over. So don’t just work hard, work smart. One of our top tips for revision is to work out what kind of learner you are. Are you a seer, a hearer or a doer?

 • Seers benefit from images instead of endless pages of text. Make posters of key points and put them up around your house where you’ll see them regularly.
 • Hearers remember notes by reading them out loud or from hearing them. Read your notes aloud, then record and listen to yourself. Or get family or friends to read to you. 
• Doers learn by practice. See if you can come up with practical exercises to help you learn or get a friend to let you teach them what you’re trying to learn. 

If you have no idea which you are, try them all and see which works best for you.  

But getting into uni is about more than just grades. Entry requirements are only a rough guide. Some people with the right grades don't get a place, while others who don't get the results, still get in (often because they've got something else to offer).
Some unis advertise lower grades than the ones you actually need in practice (to make themselves seem more accessible). Others bump up the necessary grades in public, perhaps to try to attract a higher achieving kind of student. To see what A-levels people studied to get into certain courses, check out the bC4me website, which also shows the real A level grades people needed to get a place.

Many unis take a creative attitude to the qualifications of students from non-traditional backgrounds (such as mature students), especially if you've got other experience that counts for you. And most will use your personal statement as a way of colouring in the black and white grades with a flavour of your personality. A few do interviews or even have their own entry exams.

What to think about if you're in year 13

If you’ve heard from all your unis, have made your decision, and told them: Then you’re done with application process. Now you can breathe a tiny sigh of relief. Aaah. But don't take your foot off the pedal yet. You need to put your effort into getting your grades or meet any other entry conditions. Sure it's hard work now but once you're settled in at your perfect university, or even further down the line in your perfect career, then you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your work

If you’ve heard from all your unis and still have to make your decisions: You've got just a few weeks to weigh up your options and accept the best for you (one 'firm' first choice and one 'provisional' back-up) and reject the rest. The deadline is 8th May. If you missed any of our tips on sorting through offers, you can catch up here.

If you’re still waiting to hear from some of your unis: Don’t panic. You should hear from them very soon. If you applied on time, they're supposed to have let you know by the end of March, but sometimes, they just take a bit longer. At this stage though, it's well worth chasing them.

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