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So here it is. The Big One. Results.

If you have just finished year 13, we've got your last minute checklist for uni and help with the next steps if your results weren't what you were expecting.

If you're about to start year 13, now's the perfect time to take a hard look at your grade predictions and start exploring what uni courses are available to you.

And if you're just starting year 12, why not get started early? For anyone getting results this month, there's no better time to explore the whatwhere and whether of your future study plans.


This month
What to think about if you've just left year 13

Once results are in, you have two options:

If you got the grades you needed:
 Thumbs up, round of applause, pat on the back - you’re going off to uni. You've still got a month or so until you start, so why not balance time in the sun, celebrating and with doing some last-minute checks on where your course can take you, so you're all clued up.

If you didn't get your grades: Don't worry. We've got some blogs to help with getting ready for clearing and what to do on the big day, to give you a bit of help ahead of the Thursday. There's advice on clearing(applications for courses that still have places) and, as ever, our hugely popular Clearing Course Finder. Simply key in your A-level subjects and the grades you achieved, plus the subject you want to study at uni. Our Course Finder will show you a list of unis worth approaching for a clearing place.

Top tip: Once the grades are in and the dust and confusion begin to settle, take some time to enjoy the rest of the summer with your mates. Take a trip with your friends from school, organise a day out, or just have a BBQ - it might be a little while before you're all in the same place do it again. 

What to think about if you're about to start year 13

Exhale. It's summer time. First thing's first, make sure you find some time to chill out and make the most of your summer because term will begin again in the blink of an eye. 

But while it's important to find some down time in the sunshine, there's also some research you can do before you head back to school with new books and freshly sharpened pencils. After all, it's not long before your UCAS application needs to be filled and filed. 

Here at bestCourse4Me, we don't like to call it research though. We call it exploring. It's a great time to be thinking about two of the big questions: what do you want to study and where do you want to study it?

What course takes to you in the direction of the career you want? Most jobs don’t expect a particular qualification, but some course might still be better than others. Which are they?

Or maybe you don’t have your career mapped out like a military plan. No problem. What courses might your A levels (or whatever you’re studying now) set you up to do? 

And, most importantly, what might you enjoy? Because if you don’t love your course at uni, you won’t do so well and, worse still, it’ll set you up for careers in an area you already don’t enjoy.  

bestCourse4Me can help answer all these questions with our web tools or mobile app.

Over the coming months we'll give you some more tips for how you might decide, but the sooner you start thinking about it, the better off you'll be. 

About to start Year 12? Check out the bestCourse4me website to see where your A Levels could take you.

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