bestCourse4me has produced a major analysis on a new data set

bestCourse4me was set up to give higher education applicants and students hard data about the courses and institutions they are considering or attending. So we were very pleased when our lobbying efforts resulted in a question being added to the Labour Force Survey that asks the participants to name the Higher Education institution they attended. We have now been able to analyse that data for the first time and the results are fascinating. Nowhere else can you find this level of detail about lifetime earnings and careers, including regional variations, variations among university groups, the correlation between UCAS entry points and lifetime earnings, and comparisons with non-graduates.

Some of the results reinforce what we expected to see. For example 64% of inner London residents are university graduates, compared to 27% of adults in the West Midlands. However, there were some surprises, including the fact that there is a significant variation in salary outcomes for graduates of institutions with similar low UCAS point entry requirements.

This data is an important piece of the information that students should consider when making their choices about higher education, but currently we are only allowed to publish it in a way that doesn’t disclose data about specific institutions. We hope that we can eventually move to a situation where students can have access to the institution-level data in order to enable them to make better-informed choices, but this is a good start

Click here to view the complete analysis.