Be UCAS ready this month

So you've blinked and suddenly it's November and Christmas is right around the corner. But there's so much to do before then! Christmas shopping... RSVPing to all those Christmas party invitations... oh, and your UCAS application. Even if you won't be applying until next year, take some time out this month to put your feet up and take in the bestCourse4me newsletter. Don't say we never get you anything nice.

This month
What to think about if you're in year 12

Maybe you've only just started dipping your toes into the idea of going to university. Maybe you've already planned everything you'll be doing up to the age of 50. In any case, it can't hurt to know a little more.

Already got your heart set on what you want to study? Take a look here to see where it could take you in terms of a future career. If you already have a dream job in mind but have no idea how to get there, take a look here to see what sort of courses can get you where you need to be.

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What to think about if you're in year 13

If you're still tweaking your application or personal statement, it's time to stop faffing, do one last spellcheck, and hit the send button.

But what if you still have empty choices to fill? It's always worth having a back-up choice in case you don't get the grades you were expecting. Our degree course profiles show you what previous graduates got in their A-levels, so you can find a course you can get onto with the grades you may be dreading. If you still can't make those final decisions on where is best for you, check out our student blogger Talia, for her recent musings on Finalising Your University Choices.

Even if it seems a million years in the future (it's more likely only four) you should spend some time thinking about what will happen after university. With graduate unemployment pretty high right now, our course profiles will give you an idea of how quickly certain degrees will get you out of your mum's house and into a stable job.

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In the news
Oxbr-limey those are high grades
We know the deadline has passed, but to any of you still keen on Oxbridge; you better get your thinking caps... socks, gloves, trousers, shoes, jackets on. It was recently revealed that almost half of the courses at Cambridge and three degrees at Oxford will now require 2A*s and an A as their minimum entry requirement for courses starting in 2015; and as if that isn't enough, there are entrance exams too! 36 out of the 46 courses at Oxford require an entrance exam. Jeepers alive that's a tall order. Best of luck everyone.
Sleep yourself brilliant
If you love your sleep, and we know most of you do; prepare to either be very excited, or very jealous. 100s of schools across the UK are set to take part in a new 4 year experiment carried out by Oxford University and Oxford Brookes which will see the school day commencing at 10am. No the teachers haven't become lazy and no the head teachers haven't lost their minds; Monkseaton High School in North Tyneside tried it out in 2009 and found their students grades improved in core subjects by 19%. Better grades + an extra hour in bed = Education heaven. Sleep well..   
Is bigger always better?
We've all been there where we've marvelled at how, not only do the Year 7s get smaller and smaller each year, their rucksacks get bigger and bigger! Well, tease no more we decree! Not only are the workload and extra-curricular requirements of schools getting more and more outlandish, but the effect is starting to show, with 1/4 of 12 to 17 year olds suffering from back pain nowadays. Back pain? The common affliction of the elderly? That's just not right.
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