This website is designed to assist students to find the career path for them using our course finder and our resources. In this help section you will find help guides on how best to use this site to your advantage as well as answers to frequently asked questions from students, parents and teachers.

How to Use This Site

The how to use this site section explains how you can use our course search tool to explore possible degrees that lead to a future students aspire to. As our tool can be used by students, parents and teachers looking for guidance around different stages within the educational system, this section breaks down how best to use it to gain insights on what to do next. Whether you are choosing what A-levels to select, choosing a university course or a career, the how to use the site section can help you find the information to make that decision easier.

Valuable Tools for Students

Within our website we have a variety of valuable tools to help you decide on what is the right path for you. Additionally you can find useful links to that can point you in the right direction for all your university related questions.

University jargon can be confusing, that’s why we break down what we mean by these words in our glossary as well as other terms referred to on the website. This break down will, hopefully, add value to the information we provide making it easier to understand what the best course is for you, or not, if needs be.

Finally, applying for university through clearing can be a bewildering and stressful. That’s why we have a solution to finding all the information you need for clearing to make the best choice of the options available to you.