Facts And Goodies

Applying to university can be a confusing and daunting task. That’s why bestCourse4me have put together a few handy facts and goodies to make apply for university that bit more bearable. We have resources for students, schools and parents.

Facts about Applying to University

Whether you are worrying about the UCAS application deadlines for the university course you would like to apply for or you need to work out the best way to fund your degree we are able offer you all the information you need.

Facts for Schools

We know the importance of giving your students all the facts about apply to university. At bestCourse4me we are here to help teachers and career advisors educate students about the career paths open to them whether that involves university or not. With presentations, posters and lesson plans available to download as a classroom resource for GCSE and A-level students it enables you to guide them in the right direction for what they want to achieve in their future.

Goodies to Assist with your University Application

When choosing a university there are many things to consider these include:

  • Required UCAS Entry Points
  • Graduate Salary
  • Average Debt
  • Average Cost of Going out 

Working with Push.co.uk, bestCourse4me has created a poster locating all UK universities with a traffic light system highlighting the highest and lowest of each.

At bestCourse4me our team have created a free mobile app for iPhone and Android to enable you to decide what to study at university and where.

As a student looking at university you may feel like to going into the unknown. Our blog is full of guest bloggers sharing their views on higher education, from uni students to educational professionals all giving insights into university life.