University Application Status Report

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 10:30 AM

Hi all!

For this month’s blog I’ve just decided to do a bit of a ‘status report’ and let you all know how all my university applications and A levels are going.

My last blog, a couple of months ago, was about filling out your UCAS application. Since then, mine has been sent off, as I’m sure a lot of others have done as well. The course that I have applied for is MChem/ MSci Chemistry (F100) and where possible; Chemistry with a Year Abroad/ Research Abroad/ International Programme (F104/105) etc. The universities that have applied for are; Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Birmingham and Warwick!

I had made a clear decision about the course I was applying for well over a year ago because I knew that Chemistry was something that I enjoyed both at GCSE and AS Level (and still do!) and it is something that I wanted to pursue and learn about further. I am also lucky because I have a clear idea of what I want to do as a career and that is to teach (chemistry obviously). So this made it easy to choose a degree.

For those of you struggling to choose a degree/ career path, think about what subjects you like and what interests you and using sites such as will definitely help. A word of advice is definitely do not be afraid to ask your head of year/tutor about any recommendations for sites and resources to use to help your decision (they are the experts after all). Also, an interview with a careers advisor at your school/college may be more beneficial than you might think it would be.

My UCAS was sent off in early October, and about a week later I had an offer ping through on UCAS Track from Warwick University for AAA. So far, despite my UCAS being sent off relatively ‘early’, that is my only offer. I have also had three interview requests from Birmingham, UCL and Imperial. My Birmingham interview was last week with my other two happening next week and the week after that.

The interview at Birmingham was only a small portion of the ‘applicant day’ that I was invited to. We were given campus and accommodation tours and also had a spectroscopy workshop and a lab session as well as the interview. The actual interview lasted around 20-30 minutes and I was asked questions based on the chemistry-related topics I had mentioned in my personal statement such as my work experience in a pharmaceutical laboratory and an article I found interesting.

One thing I will warn you is that you should NOT put something in your personal statement that you don’t understand/ haven’t read!! A couple of people seemed to have done that, and although they got themselves out of the problem, I wouldn’t want anybody else in that situation.

That’s all from me. Hope everyone else is doing well in their subjects and I wish you all the best with your UCAS applications and university interviews.

By Emily, Student Blogger

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