Year 12 student Maihvish advises on revision, subject choices and working towards your career

Monday, June 1, 2015 12:00 AM

Hi everyone


I guess I should introduce myself first before I ramble on. I’m Maihvish and currently in Year 12 at Belle Vue Girls School in Bradford. Right now I’m just thinking about how alarmingly close the exams are. My first exam (English Literature) is in less than a week! I’m just trying to get on top of things and I really need to work my socks off. You don’t know how much difference this week of rock hard revision can make. It can seriously boost your grade up by 1 or even 2 grades. I learnt my lesson last year by procrastinating too much so I didn’t get the grades I wanted but they were still good overall. Right now, my goal is to show my teachers and family that I’m smarter than they think and also so I can get accepted into Dentistry. Imagine the look on their faces when I wave the results sheet in their face...2As and a B...


Okay so what I really wanted to touch upon today was A-level choices. I’ve already been through this experience and I admit it was utter agony but you needed to have a vague idea of what career you wanted to pursue. I wasn’t sure at the time and I’m still wavering between two or three courses, but I wanted to study Optometry, Dentistry or Pharmacy. After weeks of endless research, changing my mind continuously and annoying my family, I finally decided that I would study Biology, Chemistry and English for my A-levels.


Yep I can see the question forming in your mind: Why did I choose these specific A-levels? Well that’s pretty easy to answer. Most science-related courses ask for Biology and Chemistry and I’m someone who wants to take the science route. I am also interested in Biology so I would find this more enjoyable when studying in depth for my A-levels. I already knew I wasn’t going to study Physics at A-level because I wasn’t interested in it when doing my GCSEs so that was ruled out. But I had a hard time choosing between Maths and English. It didn’t matter which one I chose (except in courses like engineering where Maths is definitely needed) because most of the courses I was interested in required only Biology and Chemistry and one other subject of my choice. In both Maths and English, I achieved an A at GCSE but what mattered most was the fact if I enjoyed the subject whilst also getting a good grade in it. I love both of these subjects but I finally decided after discussing this with some people, that English was the best choice for me. Why? Because I am naturally talented in this subject and I could easily achieve a grade B and could if I worked a bit more, get my A. So my A-level choices were made and I’m confident even now that I will continue these for A2.


Finally, I’d like to say to all those Year 12s who are stressing over the exams: revise your socks off now, it will be worth it when you get the results in August and GOOD LUCK!


Until next time...



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