Searching for a part-time job whilst studying

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Our friends from StudentJob have shared some tips on searching for a part-time job whilst studying

Searching for a part-time job can be a bumpy road of disappointment, however a bit of guidance can smooth out the journey. As a student in the 21st century you’re considered to be a digital native. Use your knowledge on the web as an advantage in your search. This way you’ll be able search for a job from your sofa on those needed post night out duvet days.

  1. Plan, plan, plan!

You know the drill. Write a note in your smart phone, forget about it and remember when you’re tucked up in bed. Plan to dedicate some time in between lectures to searching for jobs online. It is common for employers to begin recruiting before the application deadline date, therefore being on the ball and first to mark brings a great advantage. Grab a coffee and head over to the library.

  1. Tailor, tailor, tailor!

Tailoring your CV and cover letter(s) is crucial to getting your foot in the door. Too often employers will receive vague and swiftly written CV’s and cover letters. These will drop to the back of the pile without a second thought. Instead, craft your CV by researching the company, focusing on the particular skills you have that make you suitable for the job and examples of how you acquired them.

  1. Social Media: Friend or Foe?

With the prominence of social media in business, it is all too likely that an employer will stumble on photos of you stumbling. It’s best to avoid being blacklisted because of any questionable photos or detailed status’ about your night out.

  1. Easter, Summer and Christmas!

If working while at University isn’t for you. Why not look for seasonal work in your home town or city? Employers will be looking for part-time workers to help them through the busy periods.  

  1. Dr. Pepper

Not all companies advertise new vacancies online. If you have somewhere you would like to work in mind, why not pop in, introduce yourself and ask if they have any job opportunities  arising in the future. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. What’s the worst that can happen?

For part time jobs in Manchester, London and other major cities in the UK, head over to StudentJob, sign up, complete your profile and begin your search.

Good luck!

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