The right courses to become a sports lawyer

Friday, January 24, 2014 12:00 AM

We blog about the routes you can take to become a sports lawyer.

I’m sure all students can agree, that finishing college comes round quickly. Suddenly it’s time to be focusing on your future and deciding what job or career you want. Though the thought fills us with panic at first, choosing a university course is an exciting time for many students.

The best place to find a course is UCAS. Using their UCAS search tool, simply state where you live and what type of course you’re interested in and it will bring up a selection of universities for you, which can save you loads of time.

Even if you have a university and course in mind, it’s always best to look at various options. You never know you might find your perfect course elsewhere. Here are three examples of universities that provide excellent sports law courses:

Buckinghamshire New University – Sports Business and Sports Law

This three year, full-time course links the commercial and legal aspects of the sports business, understanding the industry, which is increasingly affected by legal regulations. To look at this course in greater detail, order a free prospectus here.

University of Derby – Sport & Exercise Studies and Law

This course allows you to combine two or even three subjects, so you can always pick another in case you find you don’t like the one you’ve chosen. As well as developing your knowledge and skills on a wide range of sport topics, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for internships within clubs and organisations, which is a big plus when applying for a job. To order a free prospectus, click here.

Liverpool Hope University – Law and Sport & Physical Education

This is another full time course that lasts three years. The law side of the course gives students a theoretical and philosophical grounding of law, as well as its experiential study and application. The sports side will develop your advanced and specialised learning in the aspects of sport. For a further look, download the prospectus right onto your computer here.

When you’re at this age, not having a clear future in mind is perfectly normal – so don’t stress if you’re not sure. However, to help make sure going down the route to becoming a sports lawyer is the right decision for you, it’s best to do some research of what your job would entail.

Square One Law, provide a wide range of specialist law services, including sports law. Their sports lawyers are an experienced team that provide consultancy services and legal advice for clients in sports, media and sponsorship sectors. For more information download their PDF which tells you what their sports lawyers are able to advise on, this can help when choosing the right course for you.

If you want further information, have a look at these top ten tips on how to become a sports lawyer on Legal Week, which offers aspiring sports lawyers some great advice. 

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