Zoe blogs about Christmas time management

Monday, December 9, 2013 12:00 AM

Zoe, one of our student bloggers, shares her ideas on how to implement good time management over the Christmas period.

Christmas has come quickly around the corner and I’m sure there are many who are getting excited as that box of decorations is pulled from the loft to light up the house to resemble an electricity advert!

But amongst all those anticipating the trees and baubles I bet there are many of you, like me, who have assessments and coursework looming over you. In this dark season, it can sometimes be difficult to keep yourself focused and organised. The only reminder of dates there seems to be is the advent calendar and the countdown to Christmas that seems to be everywhere this year!

But on the bright side, many have begun to get to the point where the Christmas season becomes an exciting time, so I’ve come up with a few ways to bring the festive spirit into your studies (I’m a bit of a Christmas lover, can you tell?)

Firstly, decorate your desk at home! It just gives you a little lift during those times when you’d rather be making gingerbread houses or singing Christmas carols.

One thing I’ve done is use Christmas songs to make little lyrics which remind me of my subjects I’m studying, I’ve done this before with other songs but carols are much more fun! Who doesn’t love Secret Santa? Why not get involved with a Secret Santa with your friends and set a low price limit but fill the present with things that could come in handy for university – its closer than you think!

It may seem childish, but using bright and glittery things to make posters to stick up in your room with the Christmas feel to them will help to get the subjects firmly in your head… that way there’s something to remind you through the holidays. The hardest part of this month for me is definitely time management as there are way too many things going on! With the extra part time work due to the busy festive season, the coursework deadlines at the end of the month and the amount of family and friend gatherings to celebrate the Christmas season, I get the overwhelming feeling that I’m going to have to develop the superhuman skill of time travel so I can be in many places at once!

That said, I suppose this is just a taste of the feeling that a nurse gets during her shifts, so it’s all good practice! I’m a person who enjoys feeling busy, but the time pressure is starting to creep up on me. So I’ve had to improve my prioritising skills, which is difficult when you have two deadlines within the same week that creep ever closer!

But I know that once this term ends, I’ll have time to enjoy myself with family and friends, so it’s better to get it done with now rather than have a panic in January!

I wish you all a fantastic and relaxing Christmas, and you’ll hear from me in the New Year! 

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