Zoe blogs about how to make the most of your final year of school

Friday, September 6, 2013 12:00 AM

Zoe, one of our student bloggers, blogs about creating a "bucket list" to make your final year of school memorable.

As the summer holidays come to a close, everyone seems to have gone into a frenzy about getting back into the swing of school timetables. I know it'll take some changing of morning alarms and last minute homework checks for everyone to get up to speed!

I thought I'd talk a little about making your final year of school a memorable one, and also a successful one. Because we all have the worries of university applications and deadlines on our minds, we seem to forget that this year is a special one, and one that should not be taken for granted.

If you think about it, the more memorable moments you have in this final year, the more you can build up your experiences and learn from them. That's why I think it's worth sketching a plan of action - call it an ambition list. Most of you will know them as 'bucket lists' - i.e. what you want to do before you 'kick the bucket' - but that's a long way away!

I can already sense the rolling of eyes at the idea of making a bucket list, but they are more helpful than they appear if used properly. I don't mean the list with absolutely crazy ideas such as chasing a hurricane or something along those lines; I mean things that will develop you as a person.

An example may be volunteering for a charity that you've always admired, or being a part of a performance or even learning a new sport. By completing goals such as these, you show a determination to succeed and you'll have one heck of a year to remember.

What on earth has this to do with university? Much more than you'd think. For those who already know what course they want to study, developing new experiences allows the universities you apply for to truly see your personality and makes choosing those most appropriate for the course less difficult a task for them. If you are still uncertain of the course or career you want, using the items on your bucket list may help you to make this decision. If you used bestcourse4me.com to look through your options, you can see which careers match your ambitions and therefore would suit you best!

This final year of school is your last opportunity to gain as much experience and happy memories before making that big leap into university, so make it worthwhile! Try to complete that bucket list, then you can look back on this year with fond memories and pride that you achieved amazing things.

As Albert Einstein said: 'The only source of knowledge is experience'

Until next time!


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