What uni students worry about

Sunday, May 26, 2013 12:00 AM

Christine Buccella, Director of bestCourse4me, explaines the findings of our market research into what undergraduates worry most about when they are thinking about their future.

We asked our friends at Youthsight.com, the research agency that specialises in questioning young people, to find out what undergraduates worry most about when they are thinking about their future. They asked their student panel (undergraduates across all year groups) a question on our behalf and the results make interesting reading.

Q: When thinking about your life after you've graduated from university, which one of the following is more of a worry or concern for you?

  • How easy it will be to get a job in an area of work that you find interesting (54%)
  • How easy it will be to get a job that pays well (27%)
  • How long it will take to pay back the cost of studying (10%)

The findings suggest that salary levels and the worry of paying back student debt comes way behind the concern of not being able to find an interesting job after graduation. We have all read the stories in the press about the lack of graduate jobs, so for today's undergraduates this must simply underline their anxiety.

bestCourse4me has long understood that pupils need to know the facts about graduate employment in order to be able to make the right decisions about which A levels to take, which university course to study and where. The degree course that you choose both opens and closes doors to different occupations and varying salary levels.

If you want to secure a particular job in a certain sector, then you really need to start thinking about it early, and not as you walk to your graduation ceremony.

Our advice is always to think as far ahead as possible to your dream graduate job and then to work back through degree and A levels to see how you can best achieve it. And don't be put off if the sector that you want to work in seems out of reach: you may not be able to walk into running a top football club, but you could get into the sector from a legal, engineering, financial, sports therapy, education, marketing, PR or managerial perspective.

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