Why bC4me exists

bestCourse4me exists because somebody had to do it. We publish information that people should know before they pick a course - particularly since they're having to invest a lot of time, effort and money in their choice.

For many people, it's a good choice. Going to uni can open up new career paths and give you a chance to earn more and climb higher up the career ladder. On average people with a degree earn about 30% more than those with just A-levels.1 One of the reasons graduates earn more is that university helps you to get proactive and to become more independent - both as a learner and as a person. These are crucial skills for life and the workplace.

But not all graduates are the same, different courses and different universities have different outcomes. There's no right course or place to study - that depends on you - but it pays to know what will work best for you and your goals.

Our aim is to give you useful, reliable information about unis and courses, so you can make a fully informed choice about your future.

We're 100% free, impartial and independent: we're run by a charity and you won't find any adverts on our site.


1Walker and Zhu, 2005.