Who is bC4me?

What does bestCourse4me do?bestCourse4me lets you compare information on university courses and possible career paths, showing you what you need to go into these fields and also what you can expect as a result of your choices. We use nationally collected data from official surveys, the Labour Force Survey and the Destination of Leavers survey from the Higher Education Statistics agency, to give accurate statistics on potential future salaries and also what subjects studied before entering a particular career path. Our site is free and impartial so you can guarantee that the information you see is reliable and accurate.

bestCourse4me shows you the difference a university level education might make to your future employment.  Using information collected nationally, it makes the link between what people study at University, if they go at all, and the jobs they go into afterwards.  It's totally independent, impartial, and free to use. It provides data about employment prospects and salary levels associated with different qualifications and careers, and other data to help you choose a degree subject and a University to study at.

Why should I use it?bestCourse4me aims to help students, parents and careers advisers get information about university courses and career paths, comparing statistics on requirements, entry levels and future employment. We are the only provider who does this so using the site could prove to be invaluable in helping you to make the best choice for you future.

We are the only website on which you can compare salaries and employability statistics from different sources: universities and career paths. Using bestCourse4me can give you a wider view of what is required for a certain career, and the effect your A-level and university choices will have.

Where does your data come from?At bestCourse4me our data on employment and careers comes from two nationally collected official sets of statistics - the Labour Force Survey and the Destination of Leavers survey from the Higher Education Statistics agency. (see Data Sources). Our information about individual courses has been painstakingly collected from each university's website for your benefit, to ensure that we have a full set of data on every course.

Who is behind bestCourse4me?bestCourse4me is developed by The Brilliant Club. We are a non-profit making charity who are entirely independent and based in London.

For more information please visit the About Us page, or if you have any specific questions feel free to contact us

Why has bestCourse4me been developed?We felt that although there was a lot of information available to young people about careers, employability and university study, there was no one place which linked these. Nor was the link made clear in a lot of places. And there was definitely no place that linked A-levels studied, universities, employability, and career options.

At bestCourse4me we wanted to make the link between these clear, by looking at data from previous years. We also wanted to show how important not only the degree is but also the subjects and which university you choose.

As a part of this we also wanted to increase social mobility and encourage students to reach their full potential and universities they may not have otherwise considered for reasons of background or lack of encouragement rather than because they are lacking in ability.

Who is it for?bestCourse4me is for all students who are considering higher education (or not) or who aren't sure which career, course, university to attend or what is required. It is also for their parents and teachers or anyone else who wants to help and advise them, to make the right choice.